Hey Beautiful, thanks for landing here.

Having sisters that got your back - How does that feel?

That no matter what, you can count on them and feel seen and heard.
I guess when you're here you, as many women, have the desire to deepen or even heal your relationships with the women in your life.

Are you craving sisterhood?

Women need a stable and solid support system in order to thrive.

We need a network of women - I call them sisters - that we can rely on.

This is where we feel safe and nurtured, understood and loved. Our entire wellbeing depends on it.

When we lack connection and/or support, especially the one coming from our sisters, we usually feel something is missing.


Safe Space:

Building a

A Place of Joyful Reflection

A safe space is crucial for you to express yourself and find authenticity and vulnerability in a supportive community of women

Receiving Support: Harnessing the Strength of Your Support System

You’ll learn how to be more open to receive support, to ask for help & to be truly seen and heard, so that you don’t ever have to feel alone again.

The Reconciliation of Sisterhood: A Pathway to Healing the Sisterwound

You’ll learn how to heal and repair any residue and feelings of hurt, resentment, jealousy and competition, and how to deal with heartbreak and grief when a friendship ends.

Uniting Women Around the World: Establishing a Strong Sisterhood

You’ll learn how to build a thriving network of sisterhood, long-lasting relationships and flourishing connections with women that you can trust and rely on.

But truly the best thing is:

We'll be uniting for an Unforgettable Experience that is all about Celebrating Spectacular Women from around the globe.

The Power of Sisterhood Is Endless Joy and Fulfillment!

"Whenever I prioritize female connections in my life, everything gets more enjoyable. Life becomes magical."

- Elmira Behravan, former client & participant of my online courses: Feminine FLow, Sacred Anger and She's Worthy


I've been there...

When I look back at my relationships with women I cringe. It took me many years to heal and understand my female friendships and connections. I’m still learning everyday. It's an ongoing process of unraveling patterns.
Over the years I’ve been dedicating a huge part of my work into healing the sisterwound and connecting and bringing women together in my online courses.

Since 2014 I’ve been working with women from around the globe as a result of my own transformational journey from feeling disconnected and unworthy, suffering from eating disorders, body dysmorphia, depression and anxiety, to truly standing in my power and finding my own voice of truth. 

I help women activate their full potential, reconnect with their bodies and feminine essence. I provide a safe space to heal, feel and express themselves.

My focus is on bringing women together to strengthen our relationships with one another and come back in alignment with mind, body, soul.

Want to unlock the power of sisterhood? Sign up for my THRIVING SISTERS and create lasting connections and unbreakable bonds.



"I think everyone should experience the course; as it takes you into the sacredness of women’s lives… the magic and mystery of our cycles and reproductive abilities, the beauty of honouring it all. So much information imparted with wisdom and respect, sacred space created and held by Nadine, and a gathering of such a cross-section of women, all offering their truths and perspectives. Magnificent"

- Trene (BC, Canada), particiapted in Embrace Your Feminine, Feminine Flow and She's Worthy


Thank you Nadine! 4 weeks is a life changing experience for me. I started to make my bucket list. Bucket list #1: self love and #14 is to take an online course. I believe that I am meant to be part of this course. Thank you for being my guiding light, for encouraging me. Thank you for making me feel that I am worthy of love and respect.

- Erecka (Turkey), patricipated in She's Worthy

"The theme of the course is really up to date. Many contemporary city women have forgotten or even don’t know how to be women. The Info and practical practices gave me more insights into myself as a woman, made me think of what else I can do to become more feminine, how to connect with my inner self, be in the flow, ecologically work with my emotions."

- Julia (Russia), participated in She's Worthy


"The space of Feminine Flow that Nadine created brought to me one of the most important lessons, the understanding and experience of what it means to be in flow. It also gave me space to integrate the wisdom and informations that was shared every week and implement them in my everyday life. This space of sharing and receiving is a container that deeply held me while exploring my body's rhythyms. I am truly grateful for this experience!"

- Stella (The Netherlands), participated in Embrace Your Feminine, Feminine Flow and She's Worthy


"I loved the overall vibe of the course, it felt like a sacred space for you to get to know yourself better and trust yourself more. The information that Nadine provided us with was so necessary and at the same time super easy to understand. The tasks were fun and easy to incorporate into the daily routine. What I loved the most about the course were the live calls. Nadine has a great talent for connecting with women and bringing them together so that everyone felt comfortable to share. I loved that course and had great fun participating in it! I really felt encouraged to listen to myself and to my body more and at the end of the course it was so much easier for me."

- Viktoria (Germany), participated in Embrace Your Feminine, Feminine Flow, Sacred Anger and She's Worthy

This course is ideal for you if you...

  • are an empathic and/or highly sensitive woman
  • want to forge unshakeable & unbreakable bonds with your friends
  • want to strengthen your connections with women
  • want to receive limitless and unwavering support
  • want to heal & mend the sisterwound
  • want to cultivate thriving networks of sisterhood and abundance. 


When will the course take place?

This course is now closed for registration but you can get on the waitlist to be the first to know when we open up again.
Add your name and email address to get on the waitlist.
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Who is this course for?

Women that have a longing for deeper connections with other women, that wanna build networks thriving support and sisterhood.

When you're reading this you're most likely an empathic or even highly sensitive woman, so you are in the right place :D

What is the time investment to complete the course?

The time investment per week is 1 hour minimum. If you are taking part in the weekly Q&As please carve out at least 2 hours.

What is the structure of this course?

There are 4 modules in total.

Every Monday I release a new module. Those are prerecorded videos that you can watch on your own terms.

The group is interactive and I'll be there to support you throughout this whole journey.

There will be weekly Q&As on Thursdays, those are live calls that are recorded and streamed into our private FB group.

Who can I contact for support?

Reach out to info@shehealsher.com.


Thriving Sisters

Unlock the Power of Sisterhood:

Transform & Strengthen Your Female Relationships

Through Nourishing Connections!

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